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The SkillHUBS project aims to develop a transnational counselling and training model for inmates and to elaborate recommendations for the introduction of the model into national prison education systems across Europe.

The introduction of the “skillHUBS” model into EU prison education systems will represent a significant improvement of EU prison education as it will provide more efficient tools for skills assessment among inmates, address actual offenders’ educational needs and provide tailor-made learning opportunities for each individual inmate.

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Future of Prison Education, SkillHUBS leads the way

Glad to announce we will be hosting a covid-19 proof virtual conference later this year. Future of Prison Education, SkillHUBS leads the wayTuesday 6 October 2020 / 10 – 11.45…

Are legal frameworks a help or a hindrance?

Education can make a positive difference between re-offending and not re-offending, with the legal frameworks deciding the contents and provision of that education. Not every individual who leaves prison with…

Pilot training implementation for the development of basic and transversal competences at the Dob prison

As part of the SkillHUBS project at the Dob prison, we are implementing a pilot training to develop basic and transversal competences to improve the employability of prisoners after their…

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