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SkillHUBS Publications

  • SkillHUBS Policy Recommendations

This report makes eight policy recommendations intended for policy makers and policy influencers in organisations which operate or have an interest in prison administration, legislation and prison education across the EU.

The document is available in EN.

  • Research report with project guidelines 

The Research Report is a comprehensive document which aims at identifying existing good practices, skill gaps, mismatches and related policies in EU in the field of skills assessment as well as at analysing, accessing and benchmarking the existing practices of inmates up-skilling in EU prison systems.

The document opens with a presentation of the state of art of prison education in Europe while it proceeds by focusing on the situation in the partner countries (Slovenia, Malta, Romania, UK, Moldova and Belgium). The results of the qualitative, quantitative and desk research conducted in the countries of the partnerships are being presented and analysed and based on them an insightful set of recommendation is being provided to the reader. The document is available in EN.

  • Mentor training and training programme

Learning to learn – How the mind learns

Features of Adult learning

Planning for change – Why change?

Methodologies focused on basic and transversal skills

Skills for different themes


Learner Contract Table

Dimensions of Learning_table

  • Transnational “skillHUBS” model containing 3 methodologies

The SkillHUBS model for counsellors/mentors include a methodology for skills assessment, skill gaps and mismatches with innovative tools adapted to prison population.

A structure for the preparation of an individualized document of learning achievements for inmates that includes education goals , learning contents, a record of achieved skills and mentor’s views on progress made.

This version is a final draft but will be evaluated and slightly revised after the evaluation of the current pilot projects in different countries.

  • Recommendations for introduction of the “skillHUBS” model in national prison education systems in other EU countries (available in April 2020)


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