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The SkillHUBS project aims to develop a transnational counselling and training model for inmates and to elaborate recommendations for the introduction of the model into national prison education systems across Europe.

The introduction of the “skillHUBS” model into EU prison education systems will represent a significant improvement of EU prison education as it will provide more efficient tools for skills assessment among inmates, address actual offenders’ educational needs and provide tailor-made learning opportunities for each individual inmate.

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SkillHUBS leads the way: New recommendations address the problems of the current prison education system

MEDIA RELEASE. A successful conference and the release of inspiring policy recommendations mark the end of the SkillHUBS project. “Education makes the impossible possible” says David Breakspear, ex-prisoner and active prison…

International Day of Education in Prison

On 13 October 1989, the Council of Europe adopted a set of recommendations including the needs and responsibilities regarding the education of improsed persons. All inmates should be offered the…

Final conference SkillHUBS

On Tuesday 6th October, our closing conference took place online! If you’ve missed it, you can now watch the recording here. We want to thank all our speakers for the…

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